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How to care for your Beautiful pearls!

Hi friends!  How is your day going?  Well, I hope!

I am going to talk about caring for pearls today because many of you have asked me how to take care of your pearls so let’s get to it:)

With proper care, the natural beauty of your beautiful pearls can be enjoyed for generations.

Some chemicals can harm your pearls. It’s a good idea to wait until after applying makeup, perfume and hair products before putting on your pearl jewelry.

Wipe pearl jewelry with a soft cloth before putting it away.  

Be sure to store it in your special Cotton drawstring pouch that your jewelry piece came in so your pearls will not get scratches from your metal jewelry.

Occasionally clean your pearls gently with a cloth dipped in alcohol diluted with warm water or in mild soapy water. Rinse the cloth in fresh water and wipe pearls clean. Dry with a soft cloth.

Your pearl pieces may require restringing from time to time, depending on how often they are worn.  Contact me if your jewelry needs repair.

Enjoy your beautiful jewelry and wear it often!



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